12 December 2007

YouTube Turns Dude Fearless

Lori Richards from the S.E.C. once said "The test of a truly moral person, is whether he does the right thing when no one is looking."

So, last Sunday some dude tried to rob a Dunkin' Donuts in Elmwood Park. I think that's New Jersey.

The dude just reached over the counter and starting grabbing money out of the register. But then Dunkin' Donuts super-employee Dustin Hoffmann fought back.

Dustin hit the dude in the head with a ceramic mug he was using as a tip jar.

And apparently the only thing on Hoffmann's mind as the store was being robbed on his shift was what he'd look like on You Tube when the security camera tapes were leaked. Talk about thinking ahead...

"What was going through my mind at that point was that the security tape is either going to show me run away and hide in the office or whack this guy in the head, so I just grabbed the cup and clocked the guy pretty hard," Hoffmann said.
Dustin Hoffmann managed to scare away the robber, who made out with just $90 and left behind a baseball cap police are holding to test for DNA evidence.

Police haven't arrested anyone, but described the robber as a white male in his 30's, with a medium build, around 6 feet tall. The man, who police believe is also responsible for two other recent Dunkin' Donuts robberies in the area, has black hair and long sideburns. Elvis?

As for YouTube fame, Dustin Hoffmann said he'll put up the surveillance video himself when it becomes available.

"There are only a few videos like that on You Tube now, so mine's going to be the best," he said. "That'll teach this guy."
Wow, this dude is fucking retarded.

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