22 January 2008


Derick Phanord, a 22-year old pile of human garbage from Brentwood, Long Island received the "maximum sentence" of two years in prison for burning his dog to death. We need stiffer penalties for shit like this but I guess we've gotta start somewhere.

Derick poured gasoline on his dog and then set it on fire. In court, he said he is very sorry for what he did. Yeah, I bet.

The dog, a pit bull named Maximus by his rescuers, died after three surgeries.

Cops said Maximus smelled of gasoline when he was found, severely injured back in July.

One of the Long Island veterinarians who tried to save him said Maximus was a good dog up until the very end, giving licks and kisses to everyone who would stand still.

Police said Derick Phanord confessed to dousing the dog with Clorox, then gasoline, before tying it to a tree and setting it on fire because the dog was "unfriendly."


Derick Phanord, may you be forever haunted by the lonely and desperate cries of every tortured and abused animal across the world. May you feel their silent agony and their silent pain, like a voodoo doll for the rest of your pathetic Brentwood, Long Island existence.

For every single solitary hair burnt off his back, another birth in hell for you and your unborn children.

“The killer of the soul, whomever he may be, will be forced in the darkest regions, embrace your decisions, in the darkest regions of hell. I won't kill my soul.


Anonymous said...

Die you coward Fuck! Just die!

Anonymous said...

this is a stupid piece of shit if i ever seen one, just be glad i didn't see him doing it because, i would not stop stomping his fuckinghead in, he would be the one with gasoline all over him burning, not the poor dog!

Anonymous said...

i cant stop writing about this fucking animal, i can't even call him that because thats an insult to all animals, they dont act like this shit head does! i'm so fucking glad i didnt see it and stumbled uponed him in the act, i would have fucking killed him!