22 January 2008

Don't Eat The Baba Ghanouj

It's been a few days, let's see what you've missed:

A video has surfaced of Amy Wineshitz smoking crack at a party. As if this wasn't evidence enough that my girl was hitting the sweet pipe.

This years Coachella lineup has been unveiled, and it includes Kraftwerk and Love and Rockets. HOLLA!

The Giants won the NFC title and will go on to play the Patriots in The Big Game # 42.

Dude in Brooklyn Heights had pipe bombs, sniper rifles, shotguns, handguns, bows and arrows, silencers, bomb-making equipment and other weapons in his Remsen Street apartment. Best part is the self-acclaimed spy for the Mossad was sharing the apartment with a Ph.D. / associate professor at Columbia.

Lastly, an old girlfriend of mine from Century City was in town this weekend so we (finally) tried out the new Turqua Grill restaurant on my corner. The food was fresh, the belly dancer was Asian, the waiter was awful tall, they refilled our basket with hot pita bread as often as my water glass, but the next day we were both doubled over with a bad case of Mohammed's Revenge. So, yeah, that's my restaurant review for the week.

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