02 January 2008

Goodbye, Tourists!


When the last retarded corned beef sandwich from the Carnegie Deli has been served and the curtain closes on the Saturday matinee performance of Grease...

When the tree at Rockefeller Center has a complex from all your ogling and the final NYPD barrier has been removed from the funtime "frozen zone"...

When the last pair of 2008 glasses has been sold and the staff at American Girl Place are all doing heroin in the freight elevator...

It's time for you to leave.

I just wanted to thank you all for coming to our fair city and spending yet another holiday season here, spending your hard earned Minnesota money with reckless abandon whilst walking and talking slower than I ever dreamt possible and taking photos with things I never even noticed were there.

We'll see y'all next year. Y'all take care now.

Good fucking grief.

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