28 January 2008

Pills-By-Mail Surprise!

Bush is talking a whole mess of shit for a dude with like 48 hours left in office. Whatever...

So some guys medicine was accidentally sent to my house! And one of the names starts with "meth" so naturally I was hoping it was something cosmic and illegal.

Suddenly my weekend started to take shape...

We'd catch a red eye to the Balearic Islands, listen to some mid-90's trance, swim in some turquoise and then pass out face first on the beach in Ibiza with a few bottles of misdirected pills-by-mail in our sandy palms.

Turns out my man wasn't ordering ecstasy and steroids but some sort of hypertension blocker and some pills used solely to control returning bladder and urinary tract infections caused by certain bacterias. WOOOO! JACKPOT!

Turns out "meth" is just a prefix meaning "one carbon atom". The prefixes begin: meth-, eth-, prop-, but-, pent-, hex-, hept-, and continue up. I just assumed "meth" meant "good times with Paul Oakenfold".

And so now I just feel bad and I'm confused why they were sent to me. Tmrw I'll send them back and hope whoever needs them will get them in time.

Sorry, Ibiza. Maybe next time.

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