24 January 2008

Pure Joy

I saw an episode of The Three Stooges once (Tassels In The Air, 1938) where Curly was upset about something, he was inconsolable. I think it may have been these tassels on some woman's gown. They were freaking Curly out, like bad. And so the only thing that could calm him down was if Moe tickled his chin with a paint brush for a few seconds. That sent Curly into a trance and chilled him out.

So as the world crumbles around me I've found a wonderful new obsession: candid action shots of rabbits in mid-air. So cute its nauseating and second only to watching rabbits groom themselves and clean their ears. These photos are the paint brush under my chin.

I used to have a rabbit and he would do these insane and erratic sideways jumps. We looked it up and the rabbit bible said they were quite simply "jumps of pure joy". Fair enough. And that phrase has stuck with me always.

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Shelley Jaffe said...

I'm simultaneously looking at hopping bunnies and stroking my chin with my makeup brush. I gotta tell ya, it's as close to Nirvana as I'm going to get today. These are wonderful! Thank you.