05 January 2008

Return Of The Sweeney Todd Hater

By now you should know I'm as over Burtondepp as I am Brangelina and TomKat but I keep catching this radio advert for this fucking Sweeney Todd movie.

And every time I hear the clip of Johnny Depp singing "I will have vengeance..." with that awful clenched jaw howl, I can't help but think he sounds exactly like Austin Powers. I wonder if Austin was the basis for Depp's character study for his "revolutionary" take on the old, 19th century tale.

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Anonymous said...

Are you basing your dislike of this movie entirely on the trailer? Because if you are, you should know that as far as horrible movie trailers go, Sweeney Todd's is one of the worst. It paints a picture that is entirely different from the movie itself. If you did see the movie and don't like it for whatever reason, I understand that, but don't judge this one by the trailer alone.