16 January 2008

That's What Happens When You Rely On Wikipedia

Kurt Andersen is the author of Turn of the Century, a bestseller and a New York Times Notable Book. Ehem. He also writes a column for New York Magazine and hosts the award-winning NPR show Studio 360. He was a co-founder of Spy magazine and has been a columnist and critic for The New Yorker and Time.

And somehow he still found time to make a historical mistake in his most recent novel, Heyday.

Yes, Heyday, you know the "brilliantly imagined, wildly entertaining tale of America’s boisterous coming of age–a sweeping panorama of madcap rebellion and overnight fortunes, palaces and brothels, murder and revenge–as well as the story of a handful of unforgettable characters discovering the nature of freedom, loyalty, friendship, and true love"? Yeah, that one. That's the Heyday I'm talking about.

Calling all snarks! On his blog Mr. Kurt said there were two tiny factual errors in the hardcover edish of Heyday. Now, don't you worry he has since corrected them for the upcoming paperback version but he wants to see if you can find them anyway. He'll give you an autographed copy of the book for your trouble. Yeah, thanks. I don't know sounds like a pain in the ass to me.

When my dad was a kid he found an error in a history textbook and all he got was a lousy letter of thanks from the publisher.

Anyway, I actually read Heyday and enjoyed it and I never read fiction so take that, Hüskers!

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