24 January 2008

Paving Paradise: The Death of Victorian Bay Ridge

I know this may be old news to some from the Ridge but the sting still hasn't subsided. I stumbled across these pictures from cbder and felt they should be posted.

These houses are were on 74th between 3rd and 4th Avenue, across from Our Lady of Angels school. Two beautiful Bay Ridge Victorians torn down for 5 three-family cookie cutter townhouses that will never sell.

Given Bay Ridge’s strong — though not always successful — impulse towards preservation, not everyone was happy to hear about the demolition of the three Victorians.

Basile is building “as-of-right” and does not need city variances. As a result, the company did not need to see local community board or City Council approval.

However Basile Builders Group, which purchased the three properties at 318, 326, and 334, told the public last August that they had no appetite for destruction, but were only intent on restoring the Victorians to their former glory.


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