30 January 2008

Third Time's A Charm For Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park Construction Begins... No seriously, we're really gonna do it this time. This is the third groundbreaking for the project since 2001.

So ground broke this week, once again, for the construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park, a 1.3-mile park on the Brooklyn waterfront along the East River. Apparently the first phase of the park's nine-month construction started on Monday. But we've heard that before.

The third-first phase will include the demolition of five pier shed buildings — Piers 1 through 6 — with the exception of a few elements that will be incorporated into the park. It will also include demolition of the Purchase Building and three adjacent sheds, demolition of three buildings adjacent to Piers 2, 3 and 6, and the removal of trees, vegetation, and some miscellaneous elements, like the homeless and some cobblestones and stuff.

The planned 85-acre waterfront park would stretch between Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO. More specifically Curbed says the sprawling park will also include luxe condos running from Dumbo to One Brooklyn Bridge Park near Atlantic Avenue.

Here's some artists renderings of the proposed park:

actual size

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