27 January 2008

Union Market: BUSTED

Exhibit A

Today my celebrity spy and I witnessed quite the scene. And what to our surprise did we see?

Well whaddya know, if it wasn't the old Union Market van double parked in front of Rossman's Discount Fruits; a wholesale/retail fruit market / grocery store on 3rd Avenue under the Gowanus in Sunset Park. I guess this is Union Markets idea of "locally grown".

So the next time you pay $15 for that independent-grassroots-organic-locally grown-farm fresh avocado or that artichoke direct from Castroville now you'll know where Union Market is really getting their produce from... straight from the bucolic farms and rolling hills of Sunset Park; 26th street and 3rd Avenue to be exact. Just steps from the live poultry store, the window tinters, the peep shows and the place where I get my dog food from the guy who looks like Harvey Keitel.

You've been briefed. Carry on.

P.S. - "South Slope" my fucking ass. There's Park Slope, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge. That's how it goes. There is no "South Slope". South Slope was a name created by real estate agents and developers to sell condos.

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