18 January 2008

Vegans Beef With Nathans

Rochester-based Northern Soy is suing the New York hot dog institution for selling rolls filled with clams, lobster, chicken or steak and calling them "Not Dogs."

Northern Soy's tofu-frankfurters have been marketed as 'Not Dogs' for years. They own the name which they trademarked back in 1987.

Northern Soy's, umm, beef is that people were being led to believe that they had endorsed the Nathan's Not Dog or that Nathan's was selling a vegetarian hot dog. Gasp!

Nathan's president, the cockiest cock that ever cocked, Wayne Norbitz, said only, "We've been making hot dogs for 92 years. We are confident it will be resolved."

Wow. What a total cocksmoker.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He looks like a bone smuggler. He'll probably choke on a nathan's weiner bc they suck! BTW, they are still selling and advertising the "Not Dogs" at their restaurants.