23 January 2008

Wait, No, It Wasn't Mary-Kate's Condo

Here's the way we're hearing it went down...

Heath's cleaning lady arrived at the apartment first, followed soon thereafter by a masseuse. They both entered the room at around the same time and discovered Heath's lifeless body, face down, naked, at the foot of the bed.

The cleaning lady called police. The masseuse called the bodyguard for the Olsens? She called him because they're friends and he's also an EMT.

The bodyguard was around the corner at Ashley's house and he immediately rushed over. By the time he arrived, the cops were already there.

NYPD is saying it appeared Heath "had been dead for a while" and there were no visible signs of trauma. There was a pill bottle on the nightstand.

The Post is reporting that bottles of Diazepam and Alprazolam, which are both anti-anxiety drugs, prescribed in his name were found in the house. Some are saying Heath was sick with pneumonia.

Naturally, poor Heath's mum and dad are devastated because they found out of their son's death through the media first.

Variety is saying The Dark Knight is still scheduled for a July 18 release, but the status of the marketing campaign is uncertain. Everyone is going to interpret every line out of The Joker's mouth in a different way now. Ugh. Here come the conspiracy theories.

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Anonymous said...

First Brad Renfro, now Heath Ledger... :((