18 January 2008

Westchester Cop References Baroque Pop Group, Author Impressed

So there's a story floating around about some cops in Westchester joking about a homeless Guatemalan dude named Rene who died on the side of the road. It went down in a town called Bedford, which is a rich little part of Westchester. I guess they released some tapes of the cops cracking jokes over their walkie talkies or whatever.

Anyway so now a Mount Kisco cop has been charged with manslaughter. Prosecutors are saying he drove the drunken Guatemalan to a deserted part of town, dealt him a deadly blow to the stomach and left him to die.

So after Rene's death, in a radio communique to his sergeant, an officer sings the chorus to the 1966 Left Banke single "Walk Away Renee.''

Talk about a deep cut! Dude just pulls a Left Banke chorus out of his hat, at a time like that, just like that?! I've gotta say I'm hella impressed. I always thought cops listened to Godsmack and Kiss.

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