16 February 2008

120 Year Old Woman Comes Forward

Based on a birth certificate issued by Turkish authorities who ruled the region at the time, Israeli Arab Mariam Amash was born in 1888 making her 120-years old.

Apparently Mariam is a healthy, active woman who walks and makes sure she drinks at least one glass of olive oil every day.

Mariam has 10 sons and one daughter now in her late 80's. She has about 120 grandchildren, 250 great-grandchildren and 20 great-great grandchildren.

The song "Live Fast Die Young" appears on "Group Sex" the debut album from The Circle Jerks.

Fronted by former Black Flag singer Keith Morris (a.k.a. "Johnny 'Bob' Goldstein"), the album contains 14 songs in about as many minutes and is considered to be a landmark in hardcore punk as well as the band's best album.

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