07 February 2008

92.3 K-ROCK Flipping Again?

I'm hearing certifiable rumblings that change is afoot yet again over on the 14th Floor at 40 West 57th Street. And by "change" I mean massive firings.

WXRK has struggled to find their identity ever since Stern left for Sirius at the close of 2005. First with Free-FM and its subsequent collapse in the wake of Imus and the nappy headed ho's, and more recently with the pensive return to K-Rock playing 90's "alt-rock".

Could CD 101.9 have douched their smooth jazz format for rock because they knew something we didn't know? Were they jumping to fill a soon-to-be void? That would make sense....

I guess we will see how it pans out. Trust I'll keep you posted.

** OK now we're hearing this is a company wide CBS-Radio situation. It's not about K-Rock or even just New York.

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Anonymous said...

K-ROCK's Program Director and former Hot 97 PD TRACY CLOHERTY is gone. In addition to K-Rock's chief engineer who was also shown the door after like 30 years of service.

I'm also hearing Rick Martini is out at Fresh 102.7

Crys Quimby (PD of WCBS-AM) is toast.

Promotions director and some web people were let go today at CBS-FM 101.1

More when I know more....