25 February 2008

Advertising Genius Jumps From Hotel

Paul Tilley, the 40-year-old creative chief of Omnicom Group's DDB in Chicago, died Friday, an apparent suicide. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, an ambulance was called to Chicago's Fairmont Hotel around 6:25 p.m. Friday following reports that someone had fallen from the building.

Tilley rose through the ranks and worked on the "Dude, you're gettin' a Dell" campaign that helped the computer maker climb from 4th in the industry to No. 1 in home PC sales. In 2004, Tilley was named the creative leader on the McDonald's business and co-developed the "I'm lovin' it" campaign.

Tilley was oft criticised by jealous haters on insider industry blogs, and in the wake of his suicide, some people are pointing to those harsh & anonymous criticisms which routinely crossed the line betwixt personal and professional criticism as a factor in his death.

Apparently a few snarky insider blogs (namely Agency Spy) have been busy conveniently deleting posts where they crucified Tilley for one thing or another in the past.

Agency Spy has since posted a response to those wondering if anonymous blog harpooning may've played a role in Tilley's decision to seize fate on a cold Chicago night.

Paul Tilley leaving behind a wife and two young daughters is an awful fucking tragedy. However, the way most of these blogs now in question once described and lampooned Tilley was somewhat as a selfish, stubborn dude. Selfish, stubborn dudes don't give a fuck about opinionated square pushers with blogs.

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