14 February 2008

Barack Corners The David Palmer "24" Vote

A good friend of mine mentioned in passing that voting for Barack was like voting for David Palmer, the character played by Dennis Haysbert on 24. She was obviously kidding however it made me wonder how many people might really think this sort of thing and what similarities there are actually are between the former president on 24 and the actual presidential candidate.

On 24 David Palmer was the first African-American in the White House. Barack is hoping for the same.

Before that he was a U.S. Senator. Barack is currently a U.S. Senator.

Throughout 24, Palmer is seen as a good leader who makes difficult decisions without much hesitation. In real life, Barack can't do no wrong, ever.

Couldn't we also sort of compare David Palmer's crazy, outspoken, loose cannon ex-wife Sherry to Barack's real life wife the crazy, outspoken, loose cannon Michelle Obama?

Hey, I'm just saying...


Unknown said...

24 guy will save me 10% on my car insurance if I switch it to Geico.

What does Obama bring to the table?

Gotham City Insider said...

I always mix him with that dude Keith David.