25 February 2008

Black 47 Shouts Out Bay Ridge On New Album

I remember once driving on the Belt going to play a show on Long Island somewhere. It was the middle of summer, may've even been July 4. Suddenly we realised we were driving paralel to Black 47's little shuttle bus. Singer Larry Kirwan was sitting at a desk doing something Irish I presume and, well, that's my Black 47 story. I also recall 120 Minutes playing the fuck out of that "Funky Céilí" song at one point.

I never got much into Black 47 (I only knew their name is a reference to the worst year of the Great Irish Famine in 1847) but I may need to check out their new record as apparently not only is singer Larry Kirwan a former Bay Ridge resident, he's also written a song called "Sunrise on Brooklyn" which talks about a soldier from Bay Ridge at war in Iraq longing to be home with his girl walking on Shore Road.

I'll let Right in Bay Ridge tell the rest...

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