08 February 2008

Cliff, Clair And The Chocolate Cake

I was a big fan of The Cosby Show but what always pissed me off was Clair never letting Cliff have a piece of cake, like ever.

Cliff would always have to wait until his entire family was sound asleep before he could sneak out a little sliver of his favourite chocolate cake. And even then that bitch would hear him, run downstairs in her stupid pajamas and bust him.

The poor man was on-call 24-hours a day, delivering babies in the hood. Let him have a goddamn piece of cake. Stop making the man sneak a snack in his own house.


WIBR said...

I'm with you, man. For heaven's sake, Cliff was an a M.D.! He should be able to administer himself a safe dose of chocolate cake without the old trouble 'n strife crackin' down on his ass.

Anonymous said...

I thought Cliff was usually after a hoagie. In fact, Justy, I'm SURE he was.

Gotham City Insider said...

No way!

Cliff would oft fix himself a late night hoagie when he got home late from delivering babies and then what would always happen was one of his kids would come and interrupt him from having his glorious moment with his big hoagie.

Clair frowned up him eating too much chocolate cake. I think she looked the other way when it came to Cliff's hoagies.

Unknown said...

remember that psychedelic episode where cliff ate the hoagie all of a sudden he starts trippin balls and muppets show up in his bedroom?

let the guy have his fucking cake I always said, theo was an asshole. the other daughter married the wilderness guy.

guy couldnt get a fucking break playin penuchle for christ's sake

Anonymous said...

"Now Claire..."