07 February 2008

Cousin Eddie, U So Crazy

If you're like me, and I really hope you aren't, you know Randy Quaid as either Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon Vacation movies or as Loomis from Quick Change, one of my favourite movies of all time. Well as it turns out Randy Quaid isn't all that far removed from the types of characters he often portrays.

I'm hearing Randy Quaid has been banned from the Actors' Equity Union for life because of crazy, abusive and lewd behaviour during Lone Star Love, the award winning, $6.5 million way off-Broadway musical in Seattle. Critics were saying the show was bound for Broadway until the play's producers claim they had to prematurely close the curtains because of Quaid’s wacky antics.

The Post’s says Quaid hit an actor on the back of the head four times during performances. When the stage manager told him to stop, he smacked the actor again; another actor was warned that if he made direct eye contact with Quaid onstage, he'd be fired; Quaid made "sexually inappropriate" comments onstage, repeatedly referring to an actress' musical instruments as her "gynecological instruments."; Quaid tried to rewrite the script, to eliminate characters and felt free to change blocking, lyrics and lines during performances, and repeatedly failed to show up for note sessions and rehearsals.

Quaid was subsequently fined $81,572, which equals two weeks pay. Quaid says the actors are part of a “pinko-commie organization” trying to destroy him. Uh, oh.

Randy's brother, Dennis, had no comment at press time. But he sure was great in Inner Space.


Anonymous said...

What about Cousin Brucie?

Unknown said...

hehehehe Lumice and that fucking horn man. bluftoni! bluftoni!!

Gena Davis still keepin up appearances in that too

nice site by the way

Gotham City Insider said...

Yes! Bluftoni! Bluftoni!! Hahha that's ALL I think about when I see that actor, Tony Shalhoub and no one has any idea what I'm talking about.

The part where Philip Bosco is the bus driver and Stuart Rudin is trying to get on the bus with his guitar is one of the funniest moments in cinema, ever.

Gotham City Insider said...

Wait, was that Stuart Rudin? IMDB lists "bus rider with guitar" as such but I could've sworn it was Larry Hankin. Weird. I'm gonna email him and see.