05 February 2008


Frantic Google execs are urging trade regulators around the world to look closely at Microsoft's bid to buy Yahoo. Like they've got nothing better to do?

Google says the deal, a $44.6 billion proposal, threatens to quash competition, stifle Internet innovation and shrink consumer choice. Shrink consumer's what?

GOOG issued its first public statement on the MSFT / YHOO deal yesterday, its first shot in what is expected to be a prolonged struggle between tech titans Google and Microsoft. They're saying Microsoft has "run afoul" of antitrust regulators because of its dominance and tactics in the PC market and now with Microsoft proposing to buy Yahoo and extend further into online business, it could act again to stifle competition on the Internet.

All I know is MSN is making deals and spending $ on adverts (read: world domination preparedness) as on the way in today I heard 3 or 4 heavily produced radio spots aimed at various demos highlighting MSN's revamped entertainment site.

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