21 February 2008

Girl With Big Ass Goes Shopping

Paparazzi caught Kim Kardasshian shopping in Beverly Hills while taping an episode for the upcoming season of her enthralling reality show, The Giant Ass Show.

“OK Kim, in this next scene, we're gonna film you shopping in a sweater dress. Ready? Aaaaaaaaaand action!”

I love that we can make someone famous simply because she has a big ass. I also love that watching a girl with a big ass go shopping is a form of entertainment in America.

I guess it's no longer what you know or even who you know but simply how big your ass is.


Unknown said...

because she had a great ass and you were all up in theeee!

WIBR said...

Well you have to admit - that is a great ass.

Anonymous said...

Look at the power of that ass. She takes a frump turtleneck sweater dress and by virtue of ass alone makes it slutty.