16 February 2008

LA Animal Cops Watching Paris

The Los Angeles Dept. of Animal Services is finally paying attention to the plight of pets who have the misfortune to be purchased by Paris Hilton. The celebutard brought the authorities down on herself when she appeared Wednesday on Ellen DeGeneres' TV show and confessed she had 17 dogs! unaware it's illegal in to own more than three dogs unless you're a licensed breeder in Los Angeles.

LA animal cops came to Paris' house in Beverly Hills, but when they arrived, they found the house vacant and undergoing renovations; all the dogs, cats, birds, ferrets and even a monkey had been placed with "handlers at a ranch" - possibly permanently. Paris has a history of de-acquisitioning her pets.

Earlier this week, the Kris Kelly Foundation repo'ed a cat they let Hilton adopt last year because she never returned to pick up the feline after she had been spayed.

Paris was also accused of neglect in a thinly veiled blind item this week. Ted Casablanca reported on Eonline.com about a woman who, "upon leaving her house, often locks these pups in one of her many closets, supposedly to prevent them from making messies."

But sometimes the woman "would be gone for hours, days, weeks . . . The animal's existence would simply slip from her mind! Oh, doesn't that happen to everybody? While cleaning the house, [her] staff have - reportedly more than once - opened a closet to discover a tiny, dead dog."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris' next door neighbour agrees she treats her animals horribly saying she had a little orange kitty about a year ago that kept getting out. Apparently Paris didn't seem like she cared, and then one day the cat got run over in the middle of the street and died.

OK now it's official this girl is a fucking twat.

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