05 February 2008

"Leave Thrash To The Thrashers...."

I have my blog set so that I get an email alerting me anytime someone leaves a comment and sometimes I'll get emails from people leaving comments on very old posts.

It seems my tongue firmly in cheek open casting call for a Bay Area style toxic thrash band has become quite polarising. Some metal heads take shit way too seriously! I learned that the hard way when we did Caninus. But then again I guess its good to see them out there defending their honour, as oblivious to sarcasm as they may be.

The "Wanted: Dudes to form Bay Area Thrash Band" entry originally ran on 13 September, 2007. The first comment came in a few days later on 24 September at 2:19 AM! Haha! Anonymous said,

"Fuck you assclown, you dont know the first thing about thrash. go choke on cock or play dress up or whatever the hell your doing when your not choking on semen. "two uniforms"? you fucking beefsmoker"

The next came in months later on 3 February, 2008 at 4:17 in the afternoon. Another anonymous thrasher chimes in,

"You are the biggest poser ive ever seen!!! Two uniforms WTF!!!!??!?!?!?!?! Go play with barby dolls or whatever you do in your sparetime and leave thrash to the thrashers....".
Another bona fide classic. I appreciate the passion.

You can read the original post, here.

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