27 February 2008

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. Get It?

As you may or may not know I really don't care about politics. I believe my exact quote was:

“... it doesn't fucking matter who the president is, the rent is still due on the first of the month, taxes will always suck you dry and that's that. And that's not just how I feel, that's how it is, so deal with it... Following politics is a pastime not unlike following sports. It's just something else to follow and be passionate about; something else to talk about in quaint corporate coffee houses and dorm rooms. It's a distraction.
That being said I do love when they all start paying people to dredge stuff up on each other; innocuous (read incriminating) bullshit from years and years ago. I love the spin doctors and I find "the spin" itself an art form all its own, light years more entertaining than the politicians themselves.

The thing last week with McCain and the lobbyist. If anything, it humanised him. That one backfired. Nice try, fellas.

This week Hitlary's pit bulls have been working overtime scouring the microfiche at their local libraries for embarrassing stuff on Barack Obama. They've been hitting him pretty hard.

First they've got the APB out on Barack's middle name, Hussein, trying to get as many people as they can to refer to him as Barack Hussein Obama, hoping the photos of Barack dressed in the new al-Qaida line they also 'found' this week combined with hearing "Hussein" and "Obama" so close together will remind everyone of Sadam and bin Laden and who's gonna vote for those two villians? (God, I should've been a political psychologist. I am too good).

Today there's an article circulating from a guy at The Houston Press about young Barack's murky early days smoking cigarettes in Chicago, screaming at reporters and doing whatever he could to get ahead. And by 'whatever he could' we want you to read between the lines and assume 'nothing good and everything shady', k?

I guess the money Hitlary is saving downgrading Bill to speaking engagements in half-full high school gymnasiums in Chillicothe and on the backs of pick-up trucks in Lancaster she's put to use on some serious Washington spin surgeons.

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Anonymous said...

I saved your blog as one of my favourites a while back because I really enjoyed your writing.

Then I read the whole "I don't care for politics" followed by your swipe at "Hitlery" and I thought it was a bit too hypocritical.

Gotham City Insider said...