14 February 2008

The Museum of Sonic Youth

The magnitude of Sonic Youth's is influence is pretty much gospel at this point. But no less pronounced are the band's contributions to the visual culture, by way of artists such as Richard Kern and Raymond Pettibon among others. These artists and more will be celebrated in a forthcoming traveling museum exhibition Sonic Youth is preparing.

I ran into Thurston Moore at yet another Marc Jacobs party last week and he said, "We're putting together this museum show that's utilising all the artists that we've worked with on different covers and concepts, and that's going to happen for two or three years. It's going to happen in young museums; there's one outside of Paris, there's one in Malmö, Sweden."

It looks like the traveling exhibit will launch this June at the Lieu International des Formes Emergentes in Saint-Nazaire, France, while the Whitney in New York is being considered as well. Sonic Youth also plans to perform at each of the openings at the different museums.

The band also plans to start writing a follow-up to Rather Ripped this spring.

I love you, Kim!

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Anonymous said...

The exhibition SONIC YOUTH ETC. : SENSATIONAL FIX is curated by me in close collab w/ SY and organised by LIFE/MUSEION. It will be presented at LIFE, St. Nazaire, France (from 17 June to 7 September 2008), MUSEION, Bolzano, Italy (from 10 October 2008 – 4 January 2009), and Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany (31 January – 26 April 2009). Currently, further venues in Europe, the US and Asia are under discussion. The band as well as its members separately will play gigs at each venue.
- Roland Groenenboom, Barclona