26 February 2008

Oh My Stars, Cecil Fielders Son Is A Veterinarian

Prince is the son of former Detroit Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder. Prince and Cecil are the only father-son combination in MLB history to each reach the exclusive 50 home run plateau and the hot dog eating contest.

However since Cecil took a portion of his son's signing bonus for negotiating his first contract, the two have not been on full speaking terms. Ha!

from Tarp:

“The 6 foot, 260 pound giant that mans first base for the Milwaukee Brewers has made the mistake of admitting that he is now shunning meat and fish. He even dabbled in veganism (gasp!)

The news has hit Yahoo! Sports and now every armchair dietitian has put in their two cents on how this is the beginning of the end for Prince Fielder. The actual news stories are fairly innocent, but the real fun is reading the comments from the aforementioned experts on eating and diet.

I would post some of the comments but there are over 2000 to look through on that Yahoo! blog post, so just scroll to the bottom and have a good laugh. My favorites are the ones about how “God made us this way”, referring to how we are supposed to eat animals. “Read the Bible!”

Obviously he should have kept this under wraps until around the All Star break, so that he could prove that he could still mash a ton of dingers even while avoiding meat.
Good luck, Prince. You got my support. ”
Apparently the Prince's diet change came about after reading Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin's diet book Skinny Bitch. The book, given to him by his wife Chanel, advocates a pure vegan lifestyle while detailing the viciousness of factory farming and animal cruelty.

High octane vegan baseball right there... Prince annihilates some dude back when he was with The Nashville Sounds, the Brewers triple-A team

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