13 February 2008

Op Ed: Get Crunk with Lars Lovely

Grammy winner Rihanna (umbrella ella ella ella ella) was in a car accident following the awards ceremony. Rihanna was inside her car outside the Def Jam party when another car rammed into it. Thankfully, no one was injured but maybe it's time for Rihanna to stop opening umbrellas inside?

Peep these hideous Nike Baracks. Thems is hurtin somethin fierce. Pass.

My man Rick Ross demonstrates the concept of infinity:

And lastly Aretha Franklin was quoted poppin some ish on your girl Bey about her Grammy performance where she addressed Tina Turner as “The Queen”:

I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and BeyoncĂ©, however I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy.”

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