01 February 2008

Leslie Stahl Got Got, UWS Apt Ransacked, Gone In 60 Seconds, Etc.

When was the last time you ransacked an apartment? I wish there was a job where I could go around doing that because it sounds like so much fun but it seems exclusive to burglars and maybe a killer or two. Are burglars born burglars with an innate ability to ransack? Its worth looking into.

Anyhow, poor Leslie Stahl's UWS apartment was robbed in broad daylight last week. Leslie was a former White House correspondent and has reported for CBS' 60 Minutes since 1991.

Cops didn't give specifics but naturally the Post somehow did. I guess the burglar, posing as a construction worker, went onto the roof, gained access by breaking a patio door and made off with several diamond watches, a pearl necklace, earrings, gold and silver necklaces and a laptop totaling $100,000. Eh, that sucks. I bet she had some sweet jewelry.

Stahl shares the palatial pad which overlooks Central Park in the West 70's with her husband, writer Aaron "Urban Cowboy" Latham, and daughter, Taylor.

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