22 February 2008

"Dogs Guy" Goes Hollywood

Speechless. Mouth agape. My world just came crashing. Two worlds have collided. Like when a kid realises his parents are Santa Claus or that Daniel Striped Tiger is just a puppet with a Rolex.

We used to call this crazy old fuck, "Dogs Guy". He is a toothless Bay Ridge villain from the original series; from my teenaged years around the hood. He remains an essential, albeit more elusive, character on the uptown end of the Ridge now that he is 71-years-old. He's always had a motley assortment of sled dogs with him that he yells at and yanks their collars in frustration. We used to yell at him and throw shit at him. Since then he's gone underground and now he just stays home and writes.

His name is Richard Martin and as it turns out he is the super who has been taping all those manic notes to his tenants. He's gone Hollywood. The Post and The News have picked up the story. Martin's notes have become absolutely legendary on the Bay Ridge blogs over the past few months.

Like an urban art gallery, his insane ravings and furious caveats are all on display for the public to see at 278 91st Street right around the corner from that Little Cupcake place (who uses way too much butter in their fucking cupcakes, I'd like to leave them a sign). In fact I think MoMA should considering having a Richard Martin exhibit and put all his manic magic marker screeds in frames and on the auction block. He'll show up with his gums and his Pekingese.

This guy is a true motherfucker. A real, old, cranky fuck. He's a former transit employee who became a super in 1994, and started writing the notes a few years ago because the building was starting to receive a lot of summonses for trash collection – but don't get me started on that shit.

Most of Martin's tenants are from the Middle East, and Martin doesn't hide the fact that he'd be happy if they went back whence they came. (The owner of the building actually lives in Syria, she's one of the Kassar's.)

In one note, he so eloquently scribed: "To all tenants. If you don't know how to read, there are 3 airports, pick 1 and keep going and don't come back."

Martin told The Post: "They're Arabs, they don't give a fuck."

Let me stop there before I get myself in trouble.

From Curbed:

“The war between the Bay Ridge super who leaves hostile, handwritten signs and his tenants continues and, in fact, now is memorialized in a whole archive of "Crazy Super" signs. The basic disagreement seems to be about how garbage is tossed out, but the fight has also gotten into lights in the hall, reading skills and, uh, the interesting one above about killing people over Christmas decorations. Whether all will live happily ever after is unknown.”

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