19 February 2008

"You can go out if you want..." I wouldn't dare!

So Greg Ginn once said in an interview that after Rollins joined the band, "We couldn't do songs with a sense of humour anymore; he got into the serious way-out poet thing." And while "TV Party" was re-recorded after Rollins joined the band (twice, in fact!), it's one of the few truly goofy moments in the group's catalog, which became increasingly bleak from My War onward. Boasting the closest thing to a pop hook that ever appeared on a Black Flag record "TV Party" is tongue-in-cheek tuneful and downright (well, almost) melodic where the Flag would normally give us dissonance and vinegar. And the lyrics (delivered by Rollins in a "aw shucks" yelp while the band shouts the chorus in a gloriously lumpen bellow) are at once cutting and funny, an attack on television-inspired stasis that laughs both at and with it's subjects. As a dumb anthem, it even beats out the band's cover of "Louie Louie," and it's a lot more fun to sing along with than, say, "Rat's Eyes."

"T.V. news shows what it's really like out there - It's a scare!
You can go out if you want... We wouldn't dare
And after reading this article, I've never agreed with 2 lines of lyrics more in my life.

Basically a monster named Miguel called 911 early Saturday morning to confess he had strangled his 14-year-old daughter because she wouldn't stop texting or instant messaging a boy, and that he then dumped her body in the woods.

But when police searched the Bronx building where he worked as a super they found the partially burned body of a girl shoved into the building's basement boiler.

Astoundingly, Miguel still had visitation rights to see his children, despite a history of mental problems. Matias was institutionalized at one point after he attempted to set fire to a car while his children were inside it.

The M.E.'s office is conducting an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Ray Kelly said that at this time, it was impossible to determine whether the victim was dead or alive when her father pushed her into the boiler. Good fucking God.

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