31 March 2008

Blow thy Seven Trumpets for the Return of the Antichrist

The former co-star of the syndicated "Live with Regis" talk show will join NBC's "Today" next Monday. The announcement was made during todays broadcast.

Kathie Lee will be teamed up with Bubba Hotep, the current anchor of the program's seven-month-old fourth hour, which starts live at 10 a.m.

Gifford, 54, who left Regis Philbin and "Live" in 2000, joked that the timing of her TV return "couldn't be worse" in certain ways: "I'm eight years older, 10 pounds heavier, a half-inch shorter, and just in time for HD television." And broke as a joke.

Long married to former NFL star and sports announcer Frank Gifford, she joked, "It's going to be good to be working. I'm really tired of staying home and watching Frank's old highlight films."

In 1997, The Globe hired TWA flight attendant Suzen Johnson to seduce Frank in a hotel room equipped with cameras installed by The Globe. ESPN later reported that Johnson was paid $75,000.

Johnson was successful and The Globe published photographs showing Frank Gifford with Johnson. The New York District Attorney considered filing criminal charges against The Globe for, among other things, prostitution, but the Giffords asked that they drop the case.

In the November following the Gifford scandal, Johnson appeared on the cover of Playboy.

As a flight attendant for TWA, Johnson was scheduled to work on TWA Flight 800 which crashed in 1996, but she swapped shifts the day before. Wow.

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