28 March 2008

"Fearful Staff Sell Off Their Bear Stearns Mementos"

I love/hate the way the press is spinning this. They're having an actual field day with the concept of 6 figure salary iBankers auctioning shit off on eBay.

Yes, I can appreciate the large print irony there but employees aren't auctioning this shit off because they're broke. They're auctioning it off because there's a market for it right now. Supply & demand, thats business school 101, is it not? I know this and I didn't even go to business school. I just watched a lot of television.

A bunch of homers in Madison, Wisconsin watchin MSNBC dreaming about them big ol buildins in the big city will pay $300 for some otherwise worthless and disposable promotional crap emblazoned with the logo of a big firm in the news right now and therefore people who have it are selling it.

Does the press truly think an iBanker is trying to recoup some of his or her losses by selling golf umbrellas on eBay for $48 a pop? C'mon now ladies and gentlemen of the press let's start coming up with some better ideas here. You're getting soft; resting on your laurels. Let's write some real articles, Ok? Ready? Go!

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