27 March 2008

The past ten days will be remembered as the time the American government threw out a half century of rules to save capitalism from collapsing, but don't worry about all that now, we'll get to that later on.

Let's start with the very basics. The main characters. OK, so it was me, Fidich, Slovak and a cat we called Gozirra. Gozirra was a grandmaster; a world-class chess champion but he was dumb as a stone when it came to real life functions. His girlfriend was Nona.

Nona had his Velvet Underground opium den Nico thing going on. That was her vibe. Had a cat named Clair De Lune. That was her fantasy. I didn't like cats because I was allergic. Anyway, Nona's parents were rich from some pharmaceutical biotech stuff in Switzerland that she never wanted to talk about. I doubt it was anything all that bad but nevertheless it was a very sore subject. Then again who the fuck would wanna talk about generic trans dermal drug delivery technologies in a well-appointed loft overlooking West Broadway? Slovak, thats who.

OK, so now it was me, Fidich, Slovak, Gozirra and his girl Nona. So Slovak starts carrying on about some article he read, or I should say found, lining the floor of a toilet stall in Charles de Gaulle in Paris. He said the article mentioned Nona's parents and their company. Nona starts freaking out. She was boiling tea at the time and it had just about come to boil and was starting to whistle. The more Slovak carried on and on about this article the more Nona started to shake. And the build up of the kettle on the stove and Slovak's voice raising and Nona yelling "No! No! No!" was making the entire loft tremble. Nona started turning up the range so that the kettle whistled even louder. It was all happening really fast now. Building to a crescendo. But it kept going and going the whistle got louder and louder and higher and higher and the steam was billowing out, hot water was clamping the blue flame in that famous orange stove sizzle. It smelled like wine and steam and smoke. Nona was crying, trembling. Gozirra just paced in the living room. Slovak was screaming now "I know all about it, Nona. I know about Angers and, Avignon! I know about Bordeaux and Dijon, Grenoble, Le Mans, Lille, Lyon and Marseille. I know what happened in Montpellier. I read about the explosion in Nantes and the little girl in Nîmes. I know all about it. Poitiers, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours, Valence, its all right here, Nona..."

Then my alarm clock rang and it was time for work.

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