31 March 2008

Woody's Pissed

Woody Allen Files Lawsuit Over American Apparel Billboards

Woody filed a lawsuit Monday seeking more than $10 million from American Apparel over unauthorised billboard and online adverts featuring Allen dressed as a rabbi from Annie Hall.

The lawsuit alleges the Los Angeles blank t-shirt mafia put up billboards in New York and Hollywood without Woody's permission. The images also were displayed in advertising on American Apparel's website and in sponsored advertisements on other websites.

The lawsuit states Woody Allen was unaware that the co. was going to utilise his image in any adverts. Allen was not contacted, nor did he in any way give his consent to the use of his image and likeness, and he was not in any way compensated for the same, either prior to the infringement or thereafter.

The complaint said the unlawful use of Allen's image for commercial advertising was "especially egregious and damaging because Allen does not commercially endorse any products in the United States of America."

Nothing says "buy more ironic tube socks" like Woody dressed as a rabbi.

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