14 April 2008

Amy Kicks Heroin, Takes Up Ironing

Common nicknames for heroin include: smack, junk, horse, china white, chiva, H, tar, black, fix, speed-balling, dope, brown, dog, food, negra, nod, white horse, and stuff. And that's all well and good but Amy Winehouse has a new addiction: ironing.

We hadn't heard from Amy in a bit but now we're hearing the troubled singer, now 24, has been ironing everything she can get her hands on — towels, sheets, scarves, cheese sandwiches, etc.

A source said: “She has become absolutely obsessed with ironing things... and not just her clothes but also towels, sheets, scarves. Anything really. She’s a very obsessive person and has always been addicted to something.

We’ve had pot, cocaine, crack, heroin and Blake. All the others have been rather more destructive, apart from knitting, which she has also had an on/off love affair with. But ironing is definitely her new favorite.”

How sweet.

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