27 April 2008

Another Body Found At Gregory Hotel

Early Friday afternoon, the body of an unidentified Asian female was found at the now notorious hotel with a knife in her chest and a suicide note.

This will make three dead bodies in six months found at the Best Western Gregory Hotel at 8315 Fourth Ave.

This past February, the body of 52-year-old Paul Mento was found at the hotel; Mr. Mento was found with his mouth wrapped in duct tape and his back against the bathroom door, police ruled it a suicide.

In December 2007, 26-year-old David Diaz was found stabbed to death in yet another of the hotel’s rooms. In January, police arrested 20-year-old Pamela Hansen, Diaz's on again off again ex-girlfriend, for the murder.

This is just getting silly now. Silly, I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

Pretty soon Sam Jackson is going to star in a movie about that jernt

Gotham City Insider said...

ha! thanks for the inspiration!!