03 April 2008

The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey,

Uh, what?

That's right, mofo. Under the cloak of plain sight Mariah Carey has managed to eek out 18 #1 songs while you were sleepin.

Mariah beat out Elvis Presley for 2nd place when her new jam, the tenderly subtle "Touch My Body", hit the top of the charts this week.

Eighteen #1 hits for Mariah averages out to just about one #1 hit for every year since she began her career back in 1990.

She needs 2 more #1 jamz to outrun The Beatles, who had 20 #1 songs. Not bad for a gal from Huntington, Long Island.

The rest of the pack shakes out like this:
Michael Jackson (13)
The Supremes & Madonna (tied for 12)
Whitney Houston (11)
Stevie Wonder & Janet Jackson (tied for 10)
Bee Gees & Elton John (tied for 9)

Lochmess Monster, Mariah drunk in the bay somewhere

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