04 April 2008

Former top-level German politician has invented new suicide machine for terminally ill patients who want to die, TGIF!

Roger Kusch, a former top-level German politician, has invented a new suicide machine just in time for summer!

Ever the salesman Roger says "It is the most bearable method for those with a death wish." Just set it and forget it... forever!

The device is a modified perfusor which is normally used to inject medicine over a long period of time to which Kusch has installed a button that allows the patient to set off the mechanism themselves.

Kusch believes that way the patient is technically killing himself, protecting doctors who would assist by mixing the toxins and setting up the device.

The suicide perfusor would administer an anesthetic and a lethal dose of potassium chloride, which would lead to death within minutes.

Naturally German politicians, the medical community and churches are outraged by Kusch's presentation of the killing machine.

Suicide machine sparks outrage {CNN Europe}

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