09 April 2008

Hillary Clinton's Own Crisis of Confidence/ Political Run on the bank

An article on Politco today asks "Where did the tables turn?" Where did the Hillary Clinton campaign first go wrong and how did she go from inevitable to in trouble?

As I've said many times before I couldn't give a fuck about politics but I do follow it simply by osmosis. News radio seeps into my brain whether I want it to or not. Political headlines cross my sight whether I seek them out intentionally or not.

That being said, I've noticed a definite increase in anti-Hillary reporting over the past few weeks and it made me wonder how much of all this is truly, 100% total bullshit.

The media can't help but bias everything, whether they realise it or not and whether its intentional or not. Makes me feel the elections, and more so the campaigning, should somehow be held like a bench trial is when its too hard to find untainted jurors.

The article on Politico itself is all part of the game of self-fullfiling prophecies. The same way investor confidence brought Bear to its knees and the same way viral rumours have decapitated companies and their stocks before, if enough people start asking "Where did the tables turn for Hillary?" people start believing the tables have in fact turned. They read the headlines, thats it. They hear the speaking points. The origin and author is inconsequential. I find it quite interesting to follow and watch unfold, or should I say unravel.

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