23 April 2008

I hate when people steal topical commentary from something they heard or read on their way into work.

This morning I heard a guy say, referring to one of the newspaper deals in the news, "it'll be like The Post with a fancier font" and just by the way he looked around so desperate and hopeful after he'd said it, waiting for that perfectly timed explosive comedic reaction, I knew the joke wasn't his.

It wasn't a bad joke, I may've even smiled at such a joke if I felt it was being told by its author but it was too sophisticated for his friends and it flew over their heads, falling totally flat on the marble lobby floor. None of them said a word, smirked, or even acknowledged that he had just spoken. They just shuffled onto the elevator and stared.

You've been ousted, bitch. Write your own material. Yes, even for elevator talk.

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