09 April 2008

John Clifford Is My Hero

John Clifford is my fucking hero. Plain and simple.

Everyday to and fro on the X37 I dream of Michael Douglas' character in Wall Street as well as Falling Down. Some people simply have no fucking couth, no etiquette, no filter, nothing. They have NO idea how to act in public. They have no idea how to BEHAVE. They have no idea how to just sit and be. And it drives me fucking crazy as I have said before in great detail here and elsewhere.

And while I would never punch an old lady in the head for talking on her cell phone on the bus, and appreciate the irony of commanding couth and etiquette with violence, Clifford's vindication was a victory for many of us who sit silently biting our tongues as the entire fucking world annoys the shit out of us.



Anonymous said...

"Clifford really blew a gasket - screaming 'F- - -ing faggot!' - when the kid then suggested, comically, that Clifford himself not blow his nose and rustle his newspaper so loudly. When fellow passenger Lydia Klein gave the kid her business card, offering to be a witness should he call the cops, Clifford slapped Klein's hand twice during a scuffle for the card, the witnesses agreed."

I'm not surprised you like this douchebag.

Gotham City Insider said...

I wish you would expound upon the reasons behind your lack of surprise.