15 April 2008

The Obduction

JP Morgan filed its registration statement with the SEC last week, and the New York Times' Deal Professor offers an in-depth rundown. The filing makes more information available about exactly what went down. It makes clear, among other things, that the government really was in the driver's seat, making the main calls that determined whether Bear could go it alone, and determined who would buy the company. J.C. Flowers had no chance, given the lack of Fed support. Lazard, which was advising the Bear Stearns board, might have found other interested parties if it had more time, apparently.

Anatomy of a Merger {NYT}

It was over for Bear on the evening of Friday, March 14….

Peeling the Bear Stearns Onion: Jamie Dimon finds out just what he's getting. Enjoy! {Portfolio}

Irony: Bear Stearns receives SEC notice, accused of anticompetitive practices {Blogging Stocks}

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