23 April 2008

Opie's fiancée in sex tape with Bam?

During this morning's show Opie denied a story in The Post about the existence of sex tape featuring Opie's fiancée and Bam Margera. Opie vehemently denied the veracity and offered $100,000 to anyone who can produce the "imaginary" tape.

The New York Post says he's "livid". The alleged sexy n' nasty VHS starring his stunning blond fiancée, known only by her first name, "Lindsay", and Bam Margera. A disgruntled ex-employee of the radio duo (ex-producer Ben Sparks) recently acquired rights to the video from Margera and it's soon to be released on a pay-for-play Web site, so says Chaunce Hayden of Steppin' Out Magazine. Chaunce Hayden says Lindsay was living in Philadelphia, when she met Bam and made the tape "to gain some exposure".

Ben was fired by XM following the now infamous "Stern fan incident" when an anonymous Stern fan approached Opie & Anthony during their XM "Walk Over" from K-Rock. I guess Ben spit on the guy and the dude threw Ben up against a wall. It was a fucking mess. There was some back and forth - where the anonymous Stern fan claimed Opie & Anthony steal "a lot shit from Stern" - Anthony responded with "steal a lot of shit? Yeah, like his radio stations!". Ouch. You can hear actual audio from the incident here.

The Post's Page Six says Opie is taking legal action to prevent its distribution. Apparently, he's so distraught, he's banned the name 'Bam' from being mentioned on the show. Not unlike when O&A were allegedly forbidden to say "Howard Stern" on their show years ago.

Chaunce Hayden recently interviewed former O&A producer and NY radio's latest persona non grata Rick Delgado and where he talked a bunch of shit about Opie.


Anonymous said...

So not only is the guy who's putting the movie online going to get a lot of money from sales, but he's also getting a $100,000.- from Opie!



Unknown said...

well here we are almost a later and still no video. if i had a video like that i would have sold it and got the 100.000 from opie, but looks like opie might be right