22 April 2008

Primetime Power Cameo Watch: Bush on Deal or No Deal Last Night

'twas watching Deal or No Deal last night hosted of course by 'Walk Like A Man' star Howie Mandel and who do I see pop up on a big screen like Big Brother himself? The President. And he was trying to be funny and self-deprecating. It was very weird. A very rare TV cameo on a lowbrow game show under the guise of a dignified cause Bush thanked contestant Joe Kobes for his three tours of duty in Iraq. So then I thought "if a tree falls in a forest..." and lo and behold what do I see?Alessandra Stanley of the Times must have been watching, too! I wasn't alone! But then again, they probably pay her to watch. I was only watching because Howard TV hadn't new posted any episodes yet.

"Howie, I don't know if you're free to come to Washington anytime soon but I have to reach an agreement with Congress on the federal budget. How'd you like to host a $3 trillion dollar 'Deal or No Deal,'" Bush joked, awkwardly.

Fun Fact: The mysophobic Howie Mandel joins a venerable lineage of Deal or No Deal hosts across the world. Deal or No Deal is actually the name of several closely related TV game shows, the first of which was produced by Dutch producer Endemol in 2001. Personally my favourite Deal or No Deal host is Don Francisco in Chile. With Nelson Bustamante a close second, hosting a version of the show in Panama.

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Anonymous said...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave us The New Deal.

George Walker Bush gives us an appearance on Deal or No Deal.

Our Commander in Chief made a cameo appearance on Deal or No Deal to give a message to a contestant, who had served three tours of duty in Iraq (the third tour, mind you, was a stop-loss tour).

Come to think of it, Deal or No Deal was the perfect place for Bush to make an appearance.

* The game requires absolutely no intelligence

* Against all odds, contestants make ill-advised choices based on greed

* Contestants rely on the terrible advice of their closest friends and advisors