30 April 2008

Support Your Friends

Caninus Custom Dog Apparel
New line of collars from the first pitbull fronted band Caninus they've got collars, harnesses, leashes and leads - all handmade and built to last by dog lovers, for dog lovers. Check it out.

Vegan Honey Bakery
This new Brooklyn based bake shop uses no animal by-products including dairy, eggs or honey in any of their baked goods. But you'll never tell the difference. And as if not using animal by-products wasn't cool enough, 5% of all Vegan Honey sales go to various animal advocacy, environmental and social justice organisations. They've got vegan Twinkies, vegan Chocodiles!!!!!!!!!!!, vegan black & white cookies, vegan cheese danish, you name it - they bake it. Check it out.

(Above: the all vegan "Fauxstess Twinkey")

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