28 May 2008

Barry Nolan Fired For Speaking Out Against Bill O’Reilly

Comcast has fired veteran TV journalist and Mensa member Barry Nolan for publicly protesting the decision by the local Emmy Awards to honor Fox News blowhard Bill O’Reilly.

Before the awards, Nolan sent emails to industry colleagues encouraging them to write to the Emmy governors - if they shared his opinion - and let them know “this is an appalling choice for an honor.”

“He’s delusional,” Nolan said of O’Reilly, a former Boston TV anchor. “He’s a man that mangles the facts.”

At the award ceremony, Nolan said he quietly put fliers on tables that “simply had” quotes from O’Reilly as well as three pages from the sexual harassment lawsuit O’Reilly settled that was brought by his former producer.

Security guards quickly told Nolan he couldn’t distribute information at the event.

Nolan says he has no regrets about speaking out against giving O’Reilly “the highest honor” that the local Emmy Awards can bestow.

“When they announced O’Reilly people booed and it wasn’t me. I was quiet”, Nolan said.

Nolan first came to prominence hosting Boston's version of Evening Magazine for WBZ (Channel 4). He was the host of Hard Copy from 1990 to 1998 and later became a journalist for Extra! Barry is a regular panelist on Says You!, a weekend radio word quiz show on NPR in Boston.

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