14 May 2008

Bravo! New Voice


Here it is. The new Village Voice format.

It's about 10 x 12. It's adorable.

The world needs more manageable newspapers. Now that's a cause I can get behind.

Reading the WSJ or The Times outdoors or on a subway or bus is basically impossible.

I suppose the publishers assume whomever reads the WSJ or The Times are much too rich to travel by public transport and so those papers are not built to be read but unfurled inside the comfort of your marbled mansion.

"Muhahahaha look at me and my giant wingspan of highbrow news and stock quotes in the back of my chauffeured Mercedes S400."

So let's hope the WSJ and The Times follow The Voice's lead for there is simply no way to read those fucking papers cover to cover without getting into a serious wrestling match with what becomes a black and white boa constrictor.

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