19 May 2008

Carpets & Chocolate

I don't really care for carpets, I suppose I prefer wood floors, but I especially hate the smell of lots and lots of carpets together. Carpets in bulk give off this real stuffy, chemical smell and I just hate it. If you don't know what I mean, next time you will. You can feel it in your lungs. I'm actually not crazy because they've found links between the chemicals in carpets and our health. Some toxicologists have done extensive testing of carpet samples and they have yielded very disturbing results. I guess they exposed some mice to fumes from carpets and some of the mice died!

Chocolate is OK but chocolate in bulk grosses me out. It's too much of a good thing and smells like overkill. When too much chocolate gets together it smells like rotting fruit. It also has a very stuffy quality not unlike when too many carpets get together. Nasty.

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